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      Since 1951, Hecny Group (Hecny below) started off as a small Hong Kong-based office of no more than two desks. Over half a century, we have developed into a leading private finance-focused corporate that owns global assets. Hecny commits itself to building global logistics network, starting from Taipei Taiwan in 1969, to Zhongshan China in 2014. Today, Hecny has more than 70 offices that work with over 200 agent partners, and 30 key airlines and ocean liners to provide freight and logistics management services on a global scale.

      Hecny pioneered in the development of computerized systems that satisfies the demand of information in our industry with our logistics team. Nowadays, over hundreds of millions have been invested on IT services from the Mainframe system to various platforms to support the Private Cloud infrastructure we established in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Los Angeles. Hecny also keeps up with the digital trends and dedicates on IT-focused business development to offer Information, Communication and Technology Support for internal and external end-users to allow quick and secure access to shipment information.

      In the 21st Century, traditional logistics services can no longer meet the unique needs of customers. Therefore, in high demand is personalized logistics management that offers a broad portfolio to cargo, information and cash flow management in a secure and controllable environment. Thanks to the close relationship established with airlines and ocean liners, we also provide flexible customer-oriented solutions during both slack and peak seasons of the year, in term of schedule and cost.

      Last but not least, our mission “Simple Solutions for a Complex World” guides our way in this challenging industry of freight forwarding and logistics management. We do not only establish sophisticated logistics networks, but also invest in both hardware and software to generate integrated business models for each and every customer and partner, enabling us to rank one of the top 10 companies importing cargoes to USA, an acknowledgement as a boutique provider in the global logistics industry.

      Our Vision

      Customer satisfaction is key to business growth

      Our Mission

      To provide simple solutions for a complex world.

      Corporate Culture




      “Quality Service is our Commitment”.

      Hecny Group has gained wide recognition within the industry. In providing quality service for our customers, each and every step in our service processes is under tight scrutiny and constant review. We are C-TPAT certified across North America by US custom. We are also awarded the ISO9001:2015 certificate in quite some number of gateway stations.