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      Digital transformation brings new challenge to freight forwarding and logistics services. Back in the late 1980s, Hecny has deployed a computerized system to manage information and record daily transactions. In the 1990s, the core business process was migrated to client-based applications that enhanced operation efficiency with user-friendly interface. In addition, our first corporate website was launched in 1996.

      Today, the access to information is no longer time-location restricted, and Hecny has taken advantage of this to offer different eCommerce tools to satisfy the needs of end-users. Equipped with valuable business processes and IT development experience, we offer insight in freight forwarding and logistics services with the dynamic information exchange and excellence in digital transformation. It comes with seven major business components and three core technology components.

      7 major business components:

      1. PO management
      2. eBooking
      3. Business Compliance
      4. Hecny Tracker
      5. Pre-alert
      6. EDI exchange
      7. Reporting Service

      3 core technology components:

      1. EDI connectivity
      2. Cloud computing
      3. Mobility

      Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a method that allows data exchange between business partners via different electronic means but in a standard format. Hecny has been investing on EDI connectivity with airlines and ocean liners for the benefits on operation efficiency and data quality. EDI plays an essential part in Hecny Tracker application for the exchange of shipment information with business partners. More than 90% of container statuses can be obtained from carriers by electronic means, ensuring a reliable source of information to share with externally and internally.

      Since 2003, global security measures have been enforced for freight forwarders and logistics companies to meet with regulatory compliance needs. Since Hecny needs to provide shipment information in advance for customs declaration, a comprehensive EDI platform is vital to simplify the data entry process for overseas partners. For this, the proprietary network we established will support EDI information flow from the Far East to USA and Europe. 

      A reliable information network is the essence in the world of transportation and logistics, while maintaining the availability and a reasonable recovery schedule for the system is a challenge the world of business. Hecny has constructed its own Private Cloud infrastructure at its premises in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, to provide resilient support to cover IT services in various time zones. We have teams of professionals based in Hong Kong, Taipei, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Los Angeles and London to manage the comprehensive network and security infrastructures.

      This Private Cloud works meticulously with our software development team to deliver 100% self-owned application services to meet dynamic business changes and to swiftly response to customers’ demands. 

      Sharing information with speed is the benefit of using mobile devices, paired with precise apps designed to enrich customer experience. Hecny launched its first iOS app in 2011, 10 months after iPhone4 was on shelf. The first version was designed with advanced features to keep track of the vessels, different from the traditional cargo tracking system. It takes NVOCC IT capability to a new level, maintaining the coherent features between web and mobile interfaces. An Android version on Google play was launched afterwards, serving the same purpose.

      Today, our mobile app includes more innovative modules to let our end-users manage information on the finger tips. Completely hassle-free, it is the standard for mobility, offering better user experience and operational excellence. We will keep investing time and effort into digital discovery with our current and future business partners.