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      Transportation and Logistics Associations

      IATA is a non-political organization, brings together over 265 airlines with flights covering over 94% of all international air traffic. It fosters safety and economical air transport. The website provides a useful source of update airfreight statistic

      FIATA is a non-political organization consisting of approximately 40,000 forwarding and logistics firms to protect, represent and promote the interest of forwarders at the international level.

      HAFFA is a non-profit making organization which promotes, protects and develops the carriage of goods and the businesses of cargo forwarding agents and logistics service providers in Hong Kong. The website provides an extensive reference sites to information elated to the transportation industry in Hong Kong and China.

      IAPH is a global alliance of ports and harbors, promoting the development of the international port and maritime industry. The website provides links to world ports.

      International Trade Organizations & Agreement
      Regulations & Compliance